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4 Must-Have Silk Saris For Every Bride’s Trousseau Trunk

Worried about what to pack and what to not? Bride-to-be, don’t worry no more. Add these to your wedding shopping check-list now, scroll through!

Silk has always been a revered fabric in India and it’s never going off the platform, of that we are sure. Be it any religious ceremony or a grand wedding, a silk sari is considered seemly appropriate and also extremely auspicious. All through Indian literature, history has described in numerous plays and poems how resplendently alluring a woman looks in a sublimely soft silk sari, how the royalty and aristocracy were a fan-base of the most luxurious textile on the planet. 

Did you know the Chinese kept silk as a secret from the rest of the world for a long time? However, we are so glad the traders introduced it to India! 

The Kanchipuram Sari

A dream for most women to have. We have seen our B-town actresses often in this one! Woven from pure mulberry silk thread, these magnificent creations come from South India. How to identify a genuine Kanchipuram you ask? They’re known for their special weaving and the heavy weight. The contrasting borders woven in Zari, which comes from Gujarat, are the highlight. An original Kanchipuram border is woven from silver zari, which is plated with 22K gold.

Want to test before you spend the bucks on one? Take a few loose threads from the zari pallu or border. And when you take off the gold layer from the thread, the inner thread should be red, irrespective of the colour of the sari.

When in doubt, remember, you can never go wrong with a Kanchipuram silk sari.

The Banarasi Sari

Known for its opulent embroidery, the special characteristics on this extremely luscious high quality silk fabric are Mughal inspired woven intricacies, designs such as floral and foliate motifs. These beautiful patterns are created by using gold, silver, or colourful reshmi threads.

The Banarasi sari, originating from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, has made its name among the finest saris in India.

Did you know it can take fifteen days to even six months to complete a single Banarasi sari? Sometimes the making process for more complex designs can take years!

The Chanderi Sari

The Chanderi sari is easy-to-wear and lightweight. It’s airy for hot summer days and a must-have in your wardrobe, woman! We say it is an impeccable choice and every sari connoisseur would agree.

The motifs on a Chanderi sari often inspired from nature. Unique buttis or motifs and the transparent sheer texture of the fabric are the two important characteristics that distinguish it from other hand loom fabrics.

The ‘Mashru’ 

This fabric is a handwoven mix of Silk and Cotton textiles, where silk is used as the vertical yarn and cotton makes the horizontal yarn, the interweave of  which makes the fabric more durable.  With the characteristic of fine satin finish, the shiny surface resembles Silk from the outside. The inner side of the clothing that is constant touch with the skin is comfortable Cotton.

Hot or humid, who cares, you can rock silk in summer too! Not enough reason for you to splurge on a Mashru? Then let us also tell you that these are so much easier to maintain than pure silk saris!



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