6 Ways To Set Up a DIY Wedding Bar-Ty!

Everything’s planned, the venue chosen, the date set. But we see you both lurking. Are you the daring couple looking for an unusual drink station set-up? If ‘how in heaven’s name do you set up a bar’ the only question popping in your head, you are at the right place. If serving the much needed social lubricant (alcohol) in a way that sends everyone cheers-ing all the way to the dance floors your only concern at the moment, read on.

Who knew a simple table on which everything’s carefully placed the right way would make for a perfect aesthetic?

AN ALCOHOL CANOE?!!! OMG! We bet this will make those aunties who despise their husbands drinking too much want to grab another one. Because, so sundar!

A bar on wheels that comes to us without having to get up for rounds (say whaaaat!) is also a much loved bar, in our opinion!

One that does not move but is enticing enough for us to want to get up would do too!!!!

It’s lit, fam!

What’s a wedding bar decor if it doesn’t double up as a cool selfie station? Name your bar, put out a personalized menu, plan a signature cocktail as a couple and send your guests mingling with collective appreciation!

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