7 Ways A Destination Wedding Will Save You Money

A destination wedding is not the plot of a horror story, neither is the climax a hole in your pocket. Disclaimer: All our pointers are based on a true story.

An intimate guest list 

The best way to save some bucks is to keep the affair intimate with close ones. While you do want the world to know you’re in love and finally getting married, the big day celebrations mean the most with your family and friends! What fun is a spacious ballroom crowded with hundreds of people, half of which you don’t really know?

Choose an off-season date 

You’re going to save a lot if you avoid the peak season. If you really have your heart set on a destination, try getting married in an off-season. Be it the airfare or your living expenses, everything is a hundreds of rupees cheaper during a shoulder season. If you’re travelling local, drive to the destination instead!

Look out for all-inclusive deals 

Deals are life’s happy hour! You can save so much as you enjoy a truly stress-free holiday by opting for a packaged (flights + hotel + meals) deal.

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Different countries, cheaper prices 

If you’ve always thought that flying out of India is an expensive business, may we just say: No, not really. Read with caution, we are about to quash your misconceptions. Think mountain and monasteries in Bhutan, or Indonesia and Thailand.

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Go local 

A destination wedding is still a destination wedding even if you’re going local. One may choose a different city in their very own country – sounds affordable, right? How about a beach wedding, or one in a quaint hill town? How about getting married of a fort alluding a rustic charm?

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Think lodging accommodations

You don’t necessarily have to check-in in a luxurious five-star hotel. It’s great to explore unique accommodations. Think how amazing would a homestay be? Not only is it great to have a whole place to yourself, it opens a space for wonderful experiences. Such accommodations are the best way to soak up the local culture, such bargains not only are cheaper but also more quiet and peaceful! Let the love unfold manifold as the big day nears!

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