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Ditch Reds And Pink, Opt For Offbeat Colours For D-Day

The wedding season is just around the corner and there are so many brides who are often confused about the color of their lehenga. However, making that once – in a lifetime choice is tough for any bride. A bride’s lehanga is one asset that a bride will cherish forever with all the memories embroidered in it.

But today’s modern bride, who keeps her style quotient to the highest, doesn’t believe in slipping in the stereotype shades of reds and pinks. Breaking the conventional is her idea of style.

Check out these these real brides who opted for unconventional bridal ensemble!

1. White Lehenga

White is the most unconventional bridal ensemble, but if you carry it with confidence you can totally rock the outfit!

2. Golden Lehenga

Put red to bed, its golden you want to grab! Shine on with gold wrapped around your body!

3. Green Lehenga

The colour of forests will totally steal the show!

4. Parrot Lehenga

You are just overthinking, this color is just gorgeous!

5. Blue Lehenga

Look like a royal princess in a royal blue ensemble!

6. Yellow Lehenga

Hey sunshine! Its bright, it’s bold, it’s fun – yellow brings a spark of joy to any bridal look!

7. Black Lehanga

Go bold and brave with black!

8. Orange Lehanga

Bling it on! An orange lehanga will instantly add to that bridal glow!

9. Purple Lehanga

It can lighten up any bride’s mood!


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