Want To Do ‘Bhaag Ke Shaadi’? Here’s How You Can Plan An Elopement Ceremony

While this might sound a wee bit strange, it’s true. Yes, you can plan your very own elopement. It’s truly the most intimate and the most romantic way to tie the knot.

An elopement does require some planning as your grand wedding would, but it’s important to remember to keep it simple. Or else you will end up complicating things. Just think of the two of you, together, and that’s it. If your question is ‘where to elope?’, you’re going to love the answer. ANYWHERE! It’s all on you. Oh how fairy-tale-ish is running off secretly to get married! An elopement is the kind of wedding ceremony that is short, sweet and intimate, focused entirely on you. You can even elope to the spot you had cupid strike a bow. Perhaps a coffee shop where you first went out for your date.

Don’t take disappointments from your friends and family to your heart. Let’s be honest, they might have dreamt about you getting married at least half as much as you ever did, to be fair. Some people, however, do have their mother, father, brothers and sisters with them… But that’s it. You can invite your close friends and your dog too.

If this is all too new for you and if your planning is getting a little tedious, know that you can have a planner to create some magic. Nope, we are not kidding.

You register yourself and have someone get in touch with you next. They ask you a few questions as they carefully survey you before giving you your very own vows. As you lock eyes with your special someone you have the chance to share your personal promises for each other. While we try not to mock traditional wedding ceremonies at all, functions that carry own for days at an end do tend to get a little tiring. So, shake the weight of the wait off your shoulders right now and just do it, just say ‘I do’.

Once the ceremony is complete, the officiant will make you sign your marriage licence and you’re done! If you’re not booking yet and know exactly what to do since it’s all about just you, you can run off to the registrar right after whatever you plan to do! It’s YOUR WEDDING!

Yes, your wedding is not a dream anymore. It’s indeed possible to runaway with your special someone, just the two of you. Here are a few planners who can help you out- Check out ‘Simply Eloped’ or ‘We Are The Wanderers’ if you’re looking for a sweet escape with your loved one to a foreign land. If you’re planning to get hitched in the country, don’t forget to book an officiant to solemnize your marriage.


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