Get Inspired By These Beach Mandaps For Your Wedding

There’s something about beach weddings; something so soothing about the sky and the sea meeting; something that becomes the perfect backdrop for couples while they say ‘I do.’

In a wedding, especially in certain communities, the mandap holds a prime position. Guests will always be seen gushing over how it’s made, dressed and presented. So how does one marry the serenity of a beach and the purity of a mandap in such a way that it paints a beautiful picture? Here are some references to get inspired by!

1. The Royal Touch

Ever wondered what having a private palace in the middle of a water body would look like? This creation by Devika Narain is just that. A mandap like this on an infinity pool that joins the sea will not only give you some really unique photographs but will also make you feel like in heaven. The reflection of the structure definitely adds to the beauty of the whole space!

2. The Play of Elements

Another way of creating an unconventional Indian mandap is by brining contrasting materials or elements together. The composition of flowers and branches accessorized with vintage ornate chairs, with the sun setting at the back creates the perfect mood for the evening.

3. The Traditionalist

A conventional mandap with arches and drapes can also look striking. Here, the floral design of Lord Ganesha and the muted colour tones up the design game!

4. The Raw Deal

Want to keep the decor fuss free and bring a bohemian vibe to your wedding? Take a cue from fashion stylist Chandni Sareen’s wedding mandap. All it took was a surreal yet simple combination of eight pieces of exposed wood, a bunch of fresh flowers, twigs and a generous amount of textured material. Understated yet pleasing to the eye!

5. The Flower Power

Crafted together here are hundreds of blooming flowers of different types in a monochromatic hue, so naturally placed with strands of branches that makes this colossal arrangement truly a visual delight!

6. The OTT Style


If you have dreamt of a wedding which is just as private as you are yet spells extravagance and luxury, then a set up like this is tailor made for you. Make use of a readymade structure; decorate it with a large chandelier in the centre and flowy drapes that are held together with chunky floral art on the sides to build a one of its kind mandap.

If you are okay not going easy on your pockets, then you can even look at creating a gigantic setup inspired from your favorite heritage site.

7. The Statement Ring



One of the easiest ways to create an impact is through simplicity. With an arch full of leaves like this and a message of your choice you could achieve just that. Dressing up the arch with your favorite flowers and fruits will make it distinct and something that your invitees may not have seen before!


Hope these designs got you thinking! We urge you to not copy but don that artistic hat and get on to creating your own masterpiece…

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