How To Pick The Right Lehanga – Apple Shaped Body Edition

Our case in point is for those who have an apple shaped body. Half the battle is won when you’re well aware of your body shape. So, worry no more. 

What does it mean to have an apple figure?

Your shoulders are broader than your hips. Follow your body line, keep your silhouettes straight to slightly fitted. One could stick to soft fabrics to avoid unnecessary bulk around one’s bust and stomach. V-necks, plunging necklines are your best friends, these will help you elongate your body.

Basics first, pick fabrics that do not cling to your body. Think soft cottons, polyester blends. Scratch chiffon, rayon, satin and spandex from your list. Avoid an off-shoulder or a sleeveless blouse.

How about long cholis like one of them Kalank women? If long cholis are not your thing, how about adding a fun layer of fabric? You could wear a flowy shrug or a fancy jacket over your blouse.

The more closed a neckline is, the more top heavy a person appears to be. Make sure your neckline is wide and open. Avoid wrapping the dupatta around your neck or bust. Why you ask? It will make you look heavier.




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