This Wedding Season, Let’s Make It About Khadi, The Sabyasachi Way!

A glittery name from the fashion world that always perks up ears, pauses the world and then sends everyone drooling… Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the name upon hearing which one enters a dreamlike state. Blurring through come surreal saris, splash of colours and vibrant hues, intricate embroidery on elegant textures, those whimsical zardozi borders, rhinestones and crystals, elaborate anarkalis, and the blissfully beautiful bridal lehangas. Known for his effervescent collections, ‘very Indian’ is this designer’s niche. There isn’t a single Bollywood actress who hasn’t worn a Sabyasachi.

For the last fifteen years, he has been an unabashed promoter, a brave knight of the fashion fraternity, seen doing more than his fair bit to resurrect Indian handloom. This man is all about indigenous crafts. His designs are the product of skilled artisanal craftsmen. This Bengali man’s heart beats for Khadi. He has used it in each of his collections in some form or the other. Mukherjee finds it strange that many designers have nothing to do with local, hand-woven fabrics. According to him, woman wearing cotton, khadi, muslin or other non-flashy woven saris accessorised with flowers in their hair stand out in a crowd!

It can be clearly seen that Sabyasachi has greatly revived the use of Khadi in the world of textiles and fabrics.


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