Wedding Trends

DIY: Rose Petal Tosser For Your Wedding Guests

We are not interested in a flower shower machine, neither opting for confetti because it is not a concert going crazy, nor are we going glitzy with beads and sequences or just pure glitter, since we’re all pretty glammed up

Make Your Shaadi Wow With These Vows

Your friends are getting married. While some of you are finding excuses to delay it as much as possible. How have you imagined the big day? The usual melange of rituals up till the final pheras? Let’s be honest, the

6 Of The Most Unusual Wedding Customs From All Across India

Indian weddings are a huge emotional affair and are known for their extravagant ceremonial display and an incomparable razzle-dazzle. India is a land of diverse people residing together as one nation and each sect has their own set of customs

6 Ways To Set Up a DIY Wedding Bar-Ty!

Everything’s planned, the venue chosen, the date set. But we see you both lurking. Are you the daring couple looking for an unusual drink station set-up? If ‘how in heaven’s name do you set up a bar’ the only question

‘Violet’ Is The Colour To Have In Your Wedding

Busy preparing for your upcoming wedding and confused about the color palette? Nine months into this year already, and if you still haven’t considered infusing the ‘Pantone’ color of the year- here are some quick ideas to go ‘ultra-violet’ effortlessly.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be A Wedding Planner

Thanks to my stars and a valid visa, I got a chance to attend the biggest and the most luxurious global wedding event of the year earlier this year in Los Cabos, Mexico. Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2018 saw some