‘Violet’ Is The Colour To Have In Your Wedding

Busy preparing for your upcoming wedding and confused about the color palette? Nine months into this year already, and if you still haven’t considered infusing the ‘Pantone’ color of the year- here are some quick ideas to go ‘ultra-violet’ effortlessly.

1. Florals All The Way

One of the easiest ways to include color is through flowers, and what better than orchids to make a statement? Whether it’s the flamboyant décor, a personalized bridal bouquet, some intricate flower jewellery, a few ornate pieces garnishing your wedding cake, or even a simple varmala (garland); orchids can add a tinge of violet in the most natural, yet impactful manner!

2. Sit Down Dinners

A warm sit down dinner needs to have the right ambience to give it the required feel. Choose a combination of violet and metallic as your colour scheme. While the furniture, cutlery, and décor accents could be in a metallic hue of your choice- details like the table runner and napkins in the same shade of violet matched with some adequate amount of ambient lighting can help in creating that powerful, yet welcoming look.

3. Light Up

Alternatively, you could even consider just playing with bulbs for a sit down dinner! All it takes is a significant amount of big statement lightbulbs, hung across from one end to the other, under a dark starry sky to bring your Pinterest inspiration come to life. Now imagine adding a violet filament that can give your space a completely distinct look, making it a setting that others could be inspired from?

4. Dress Up With Desserts

Vanilla, chocolate or red velvet, whatever the flavor inside may be; your wedding cake can look oh-so-gorgeous when decorated with purple motifs! A variety of icing and fondant ideas are available in the market for you to explore basis your liking. You can even opt for violet highlights on cupcakes or macaroons that blend with the overall design of the cake!

5. Say It With Words

Create a striking unit where you can have a huge word installed and jazzed up with some LED lights. This could be your wedding hashtag, your initials or a word that means something to you. It makes a great background for photographs as well. Here are some references for you to use as a starting point!

6. Invites & Favors

Invitation cards are one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Since it speaks a lot about the couple, colours can be moulded as per the preference of the couple. Violet has the tendency to add the right amount of formality, royalty, romance and sophistication to any invite! You can even consider a shade of violet of your choice to put together your bridal kits, welcome hampers or mehendi favors. Since it’s not a colour that one usually sees often in these things, gifts and knick knacks wrapped in beautiful violet packaging can be a breath of fresh air.

7. Matchy-Matchy

Matching evening gowns to bowties, or kurtas to dupattas- is that your better half and you? Then violet is a must try for you! A color that suits everyone, this is that one shade that works well for any function, at any time of the day. So couples can opt for violet for their mehendi or even reception. And if a bride wants to wear an offbeat colour on her wedding day, I’d say go for a violet lehenga!

8. Not without my BFF’s

How can you go ‘ultra-violet’ without your bridesmaids? So if you are still confused about the colour of the attire for your girls, we have made a choice for you. Whether you opt for bridesmaid dresses or some fun robes in purple, imagine spending some fun moments with your girlfriends wearing those… Picture perfect!

9. Monograms

A milestone day requires something special to seal the deal. Create a customized monogram which can give your wedding its unique identity, and can be a good element to add on your wedding stationery, dance floor or even your wedding dress!

10. Bold Lips

How about going bold with a violet mouth for one of your wedding functions? Try it out with a rather muted garment, be a trendsetter and thank us later!

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