6 Wedding Ideas To Save Big On Your Wedding Day

Why complicate your big day? Why stress yourself dialling the wedding planner just to make sure all in place? Why should you spend so much money, in the first place?

Build your own playlist

Why spend money on a DJ when you’re anyway going to be asking him to play your favourite tunes? Just pile your tracks in a row and create your very own playlist to groove to!

Go for food trucks, ditch fancy catering

Oh how important is the food at a wedding! Food trucks are way cheaper, and if that wasn’t enough these food trailers will take your wedding to a whole new level – impress your guests with something they’ve never seen before!

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Think of a photo wall instead of a photo booth

Yeah, yeah, who doesn’t want a picture perfect spot, we get all of that – which is why a photo wall would do wonders for you. Instead of choosing frames for your friends to fit into, design your own backdrop. Couples could use their old photographs too, after all your big day is all about your journey as lovers! Whether it’s just flowers or anything from your dreams, photo wall is a cheap alternative!

You can also fake your flowers by the way. Real flowers can cost a fortune! Cut costs even on your wedding decor, there are so many simple tutorials online that will teach you how to make paper flowers that look absolutely gorgeous!

Go rustic with your wedding theme

The minimalist vibe will save you a lot of cash and not only that, this theme will add to your usual wedding celebrations a touch of grandeur. Don’t go with the most obvious wedding venues, think different – you might end up saving a lot!

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Create custom favours for your guests! 

This will personalize your big day in the most memorable way, give your loved ones a special memento to commemorate your wedding day.

Shop for wedding wear that’s not sincerely ethnic

Why spend so much on a designer lehanga only to wear it only once? No point. Buy yourself something you’ll be able to wear more than once and at a dozen different occasions. The world of fashion allows you to experiment so much, you don’t even have to wear a lehanga at your wedding anymore!

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