Style Your Mehendi Outfit With These Floral Accessories

Life isn’t a bed of roses, but your wedding can surely be. The quintessential modern day bride is the one who gets creative to look anything but usual on her big day. Wearing gold and diamond jewellery for your wedding functions is no longer de rigueur. The trend has been replaced with florals and we approve of it! While breaking the monotony of the same old polka jewellery, the floral aroma relaxes the mind and tunes you into a romantic mood. If you’re a bride-to-be, keep away those precious stones and get inspired by these looks before you lock your look for the pre-wedding celebrations!

1. Floral Bracelets

Your mehendi design will look a lot more beautiful if paired with floral bracelets. Muted palettes and subtle pinks are a bride’s evergreen choice, and some floral jewellery will complement your outfit making you look like a dream bride.

2. Floral Kaleera

Always wanted to live a fairytale? Floral kaleeras will make it look oh so dreamy. We love how they give a fresh touch to the ensemble, and you can choose from a variety of flowers; from Orchids to Poses, from Mogras to Jasmine. Trust us they feel as light as clouds!

3. Floral Necklace

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Growing up, I personally never liked weddings 🙈 felt like a lot of effort for no good reason 😆 Attended no one’s wedding but my only sister’s! But that one wedding changed me. The energy, the support from the family and friends is exactly what a couple needs when they start a new life together. We did have a beautiful wedding with the lovely family and friends and their immense effort to make the day memorable for us was/is/always will be a true blessing. Thank you @abhirunning @radhika.1190 @reemasang @devashishguruji @anamenon17 @anupama67menon @angadmen0n @netraguruji @somanusha @priyankachaurasia @ragasraag @nicsgoingglobal @dipannitasharma @brainuse @ambikapradhanartistry @pilotjassigr8 @pilotsameedh @prince_rezwin @bharatsikkastudio #Vinod #bubbee #medha #Subodh Thank you @anjubangalore and Monia for helping us save those memories forever! Thank you @officialmadhujain @ashima.kapoor @arpita__mehta @ambikapradhanartistry for the looks 😍 Thank you all for your lovely wishes! You all make this world beautiful 😘😘 loads of love ❤️

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Catch all the attention in a delicate, innovative and simply gorgeous floral necklaces.

4. Floral Nath

Pastel tones in a delicate nath will not only add some grace but also elevate your entire look. These are light, pretty, refreshing and you will surely be one of those traditionally-modern brides.

5. Floral Anklets

A bride should look perfect from head to toe and you don’t have to worry about wearing those heavy pieces of jewellery. Floral anklets look just as pretty and are effortlessly comfortable. So, flood your instagram with the pictures of these adorable anklets and everyone will be stunned, we promise!

6. Floral Hair Accessories

We cannot stop crushing on these beautiful floral hair accessories. Your better half will be bowled over to see you in this avatar!

7. Floral Earrings

If you cannot be at the garden, you can surely smell like one hah! Go for these floral earrings and forget about all the fuss, and feel like a princess, truly!

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