Ways To Make Your Wedding An Unusual One!

Letting go of the age-old traditions is the new trend this season that gives every bride a chance to set some cool records (Do not worry this will not make you a bad girl at all). We are here to help you keep up with by giving you a crash course that turns your wedding into a Dhamakedar one! 

1. A Bold Entry

Enter your wedding hall together as a couple, ditching the traditional way of walking in while the groom awaits. Or you know what? Just be the one on the horseback. Vroom in on a bike; gallop in on an elephant and make it the grandest entry ever. Want an unusual wedding? Tick ‘prince charming comes riding on a horse’ OFF!

..or walk in with your girl gang. #TEAMBRIDE FOR THE WIN!

2. Must Have Wedding Photos

We are not recording people gorging on food anymore, neither are we interested in a family portrait where cousins don’t fit in and some aunty’s fancy bun is clouding some uncle’s face. We are bringing in crazy backdrops. Try photo booths. Get mad creative!

3. We’re Wishing To See A Wish Tree

Unheard and unseen, set up a wish tree. Have people scribble messages, so you can literally ‘count your blessings’.

4. Great Food Makes A Great Celebration

We say bring in every cuisine rather than the usual chawal-roti. Who doesn’t pick Dimsums over Dal Makhni? Literally, everybody does, duh. Experiment abroad!

5. Let Your Style Shine The Unique You

Ditching a bridal red lehanga for another colour is the new usual. The brand new ethnic trend is whatever you want it to be. Traditional wear will still be traditional when worn as a combination like this one!

Remember, your wedding is the most intimate event you two will ever host. So no holds barred. Make sure it is just the way you want it to be!




9 thoughts on “Ways To Make Your Wedding An Unusual One!”

  1. Binata

    Lovely and wonderful crazy thoughts of a life long bond -marriage. Style should change and a stylo shaadi hona chahiye.

  2. Ritu Nagar

    Brilliantly written! This article is definitely going to help out the brides and the grooms to innovate their special moment.

  3. Minakshi sharma

    Very interesting and innovative way of planning for wedding.

  4. Jagesh Tyagi

    Wonderful and sweet thoughts on how to begin journey called marriage in the craziest possible manner.

  5. Sangeeta Shukla

    What fun ideas to make wedding a memorable one! Loved the article!

  6. Namreeta

    Nice to break the rules… well written

  7. Nishant Verma

    Fun ideas…. I wish i cud marry again….

  8. Garima Vishnoi

    Very well written!!Thoughts and wishes of brides expressed in words beautifully… waiting for more✌️

  9. Garima V.

    Very well written!! Thoughts and wishes of brides expressed beautifully in words…👌. Waiting for more articles ✌️

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