#OffbeatGuide: 5 Ways To Wear Your Hair Down At Your Wedding

In the new-age anything is possible, nothing is unreachable and everything is conceivable. With the bride and a bun made almost synonymous to each other, it is given that that is exactly how she will wear her hair at her wedding. It is about time we changed that too. And so here are some awesome ways to wear your hair down. Which let us tell you, is insanely stylish and totally in trend right now. Scroll, scroll! 

1) Free flowing with a maang tika

Cut down the mirror time and let your hair have some fun, just blow dry them straight and that’s it. Look absolutely beautiful with the least amount of efforts! Oh and be prepared to receive a lot of watchful gazes because none of your cousins wore their hair down at their wedding. Yay!

2) Something fancy

We predict you’ve already taken a screenshot to show this picture to your  hairdresser, are we right or are we right? WHAT? You already whatsapped him? Attagirl! Good choice!

3) Glamorous waves

This ever trending hairstyle is achievable in five minutes flat and there are many ways to go about it- A simple DIY method? Braid your almost-dried-but-still-wet hair after a wash and then roll it into a bun. Next, wait a few hours or catch up on some beauty sleep and VOILA! You shall wake up to a bunch of sexy beach waves! However, for your big day just ask your hairstylist to do it for you. Add some flowers and then walk under the phoolon ki chaddar looking ultra-glam!

4) A classic side part

Look instantly mind-blowing by spritzing onto your locks some texturizing spray. Then pin the side half back up with a bobby pin. If you want to add more glitz to the hairdo go for a sparkly hair brooch!

5) A unique twist

Don’t confuse this one for a braid. Another fancy way to wear your hair down would be these tightly secured curls!






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