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Wedding Themes You Would Want To Steal For Your Very Own Shaadi

The D-day is a picture we have painted thousand times in our heads, imagining it to be nothing but perfect. And when it comes to planning your wedding, first things come first. Before you choose the groom, choose a theme, girl. Forget trends. Start with the location, think of an overall mood and style, pin it with your personal aesthetic. Read through!

A royal love affair

The backdrop of an old fort or a city palace gives us the glitz. This is the perfect theme, queen. Go Great Gatsby lavish!

Bonus points include getting pictures like this for your Instagram. We are so ready.

Aesthetic of a modern minimalist

When less means more, this is your go to theme-  a perfect blend of formality with fun and fine fashion. Be unique with vintage or rustic looking props as you add life to your theme.

Add a healthy dose of Bollywood

For those divas who have grown up dancing to all things Bolly- a wedding Band, Baaja, Baaraat way is the fix. Get bold with decorations, go all out. Make a statement with your jewellery, dim the lights so colours stand out a lot more.

Some awesome flower power

A romantic wedding with plenty of floral and soft pastel hues, antique looking doors maybe? All things artsy, we love it!

A love written in the stars

From twinkling lights to lanterns, to chandeliers and everything in between. Hang string lights above the dining area for a truly magical night.

All things red or any other colour basically

Pick any hue of your choice. ‘Colour code’ is the classic escape when you can’t cope with the shaadi stress. Pro tip: Ditch the usual red lehanga!

Else go wild, dress your guests as oompa loompas for all we care. But make sure, it’s personal to both of you. A successful theme is that which unifies the whole day; something you both love.


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